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Pronunciation of Mined: Learn how to pronounce Mined in English correctly

Learn how to say Mined correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mine:

1an excavation in the earth for extracting coal or other minerals:
a copper mine
[in singular] an abundant source of something, especially information:
the text is a mine of information for biographers and historians
2a type of bomb placed on or just below the surface of the ground or in the water, which detonates on contact with a person, vehicle, or ship:
his jeep ran over a mine and he was killed
historical a subterranean passage under the wall of a besieged fortress, especially one in which explosives were placed to blow up fortifications.
[with object]
1obtain (coal or other minerals) from a mine:
the company came to the area to mine phosphate
(as adjective mined)
35 million tonnes of mined coal
dig in (the earth) for coal or other minerals:
the hills were mined for copper oxide
[no object]:
many financiers obtained concessions to mine for silver
dig or burrow in (the earth):
the earth beneath had been tortuously mined by pestilential rabbits
exploit (a source of information or skill):
how do they manage to mine such a rich vein of talent?
analyse (a database) to generate new information.
2lay explosive mines on or just below the surface of (the ground or water):
the area was heavily mined
destroy by means of an explosive mine:
HMS Ocean was mined in the Dardanelles in 1915

(also minable) adjective

late Middle English: from Old French mine (noun), miner (verb), perhaps of Celtic origin; compare with Welsh mwyn ‘ore’, earlier ‘mine’