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Pronunciation of Midlands: Learn how to pronounce Midlands in English correctly

Learn how to say Midlands correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word midland:

the middle region of a country; interior
([M-]) a Midland dialect
in or of the midland; inland
([M-]) of the Midlands
designating dialects of English spoken or formerly spoken in the Midlands of England and divided into eastern and western groups
designating a dialect of American English spoken in S N.J.; central and S Pa., Ohio, Ind., and Ill.; N Del.; the Shenandoah Valley; the S Appalachians; the upper Piedmont of N.C. and S.C.; Ky.; and N Tenn.
Example Sentences Including ‘Midlands’

Not even the most rugged of the Rang’Shada Mountains in the Midlands were their match.
Terry Goodkind NAKED EMPIRE (2004)
Back in Britain, antiterrorist police arrested five people in the Midlands and one in London in connection with the Tel Aviv bombing.
Chiefly used in the Southwest Midlands and Pacific Northwest, crawfish means to move or crawl backward or back out of an agreement.
In the eight century, Northumbrian power declined, and the center of influence moved southward to Mercia, the kingdom of the Midlands.
Goshgarian, Gary EXPLORING LANGUAGE (6TH EDN) (1995)