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Pronunciation of Middles: Learn how to pronounce Middles in English correctly

Learn how to say Middles correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word middle:

equally distant from the ends or periphery of something; central
intermediate in status, situation, etc
located between the early and late parts of a series, time sequence, etc
not extreme, esp in size; medium
(esp in Greek and Sanskrit grammar) denoting a voice of verbs expressing reciprocal or reflexive action Compare active (sense 5), passive (sense 5)
(usually capital) (of a language) intermediate between the earliest and the modern forms ⇒ Middle English
an area or point equal in distance from the ends or periphery or in time between the early and late parts
an intermediate part or section, such as the waist
(grammar) the middle voice
(logic) See middle term
the ground between rows of growing plants
a discursive article in a journal, placed between the leading articles and the book reviews
(cricket) a position on the batting creases in alignment with the middle stumps on which a batsman may take guard
verb (transitive)
to place in the middle
(nautical) to fold in two
(football) to return (the ball) from the wing to midfield
(cricket) to hit (the ball) with the middle of the bat
Word Origin
Old English middel; compare Old Frisian middel, Dutch middel, German mittel