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Pronunciation of Microwaving: Learn how to pronounce Microwaving in English correctly

Learn how to say Microwaving correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word microwave:

designating or of that part of the electromagnetic spectrum associated with the larger infrared waves and the shorter radio waves: used for radar, communications, etc. and generally regarded as from 300,000 to 300 megahertz
designating an oven that cooks quickly by causing microwaves to penetrate the food, generating internal heat
designed, packaged, etc. for cooking in a microwave oven ⇒ microwave cookware, microwave popcorn
transitive verb
Word forms: ˈmicroˌwaved, ˈmicroˌwaving
to cook in a microwave oven
any electromagnetic wave of microwave frequency
a microwave oven
Derived Forms
ˌmicroˈwaveable adjective