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Pronunciation of Microseconds: Learn how to pronounce Microseconds in English correctly

Learn how to say Microseconds correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word microsecond:

one millionth of a second μs
Example Sentences Including ‘microsecond’

A microsecond later my eardrums felt the change in atmospheric pressure.
Brierley, David SKORPION’S DEATH
For days after he left, headlines spoke of people who had microsecond brushes with the man.
Gone in one microsecond of terrible knowledge was all vestige of the so-called fatherly feelings that I’d professed for the girl.
Jane Asher LOSING IT (2002)
In order to record such values in a digital computer, readings are taken at intervals which might be very short such as every microsecond ,
Samways, B. & Byrne-Jones, T. COMPUTERS BASIC FACTS