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Pronunciation of Metempsychose: Learn how to pronounce Metempsychose in English correctly

Learn how to say Metempsychose correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word metempsychoses:

plural noun
of metempsychosis

(plural) -ses (-siːz)
the migration of a soul from one body to another
the entering of a soul after death upon a new cycle of existence in a new body either of human or animal form
Derived Forms
ˌmetempsyˈchosist noun
Word Origin
C16: via Late Latin from Greek, from metempsukhousthai, from meta- + -em- in + psukhē soul
Example Sentences Including ‘metempsychosis’

The Greek doctrine of metempsychosis does not appear to be a part of the author’s thinking nor was it a part of rabbinic thinking.
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