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Pronunciation of Messed: Learn how to pronounce Messed in English correctly

Learn how to say Messed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mess:

[usually in singular]
1a dirty or untidy state of things or of a place:
she made a mess of the kitchen
my hair was a mess
a thing or collection of things causing a dirty or untidy state:
she replaced the jug and mopped up the mess
a person who is dirty or untidy:
I look a mess
[with modifier] used euphemistically to refer to the excrement of a domestic animal:
dog mess
2a situation that is confused and full of problems:
the economy is still in a terrible mess
a person whose life is confused and full of problems:
he needs treatment of some kind—he’s a real mess
3a portion of semi-liquid food:
a mess of mashed black beans and rice
4a building or room providing meals and recreational facilities for members of the armed forces:
the sergeants’ mess
5 (a mess of) North American informal a large amount or quantity of:
big-time outfits that do a mess of printing
1 [with object] make untidy or dirty:
you’ve messed up my beautiful carpet
[no object] (of a domestic animal) defecate:
they had some problems with dogs messing in the store
make dirty by defecating:
he feared he would mess the bed
2 [no object, with adverbial] have one’s meals with a particular person, especially as a member of an armed forces’ mess:
I messed at first with Harry, who became a lifelong friend