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Pronunciation of Meshes: Learn how to pronounce Meshes in English correctly

Learn how to say Meshes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mesh:

1 [mass noun] material made of a network of wire or thread:
mesh for fishing nets
[count noun]:
finer wire meshes are used for smaller particles
the spacing between the individual strands that form mesh:
if the mesh is too big, small rabbits can squeeze through
[in singular] used with reference to a complex or constricting situation:
you are just common people going about your lives caught in the common mesh of history
2an interlaced structure:
cell fragments which agglutinate and form intricate meshes
Computing a set of finite elements used to represent a geometric object for modelling or analysis.
Computing a computer network in which each computer or processor is connected to a number of others, especially so as to form a multidimensional lattice:
multiple boards can be arranged in various multiprocessing architectures, including 3-D mesh, ring, or hypercube
1 [no object] (of the teeth of a gearwheel) be engaged with another gearwheel:
one gear meshes with the input gear
make or become entangled or entwined:
[no object]:
their fingers meshed
[with object]:
I don’t want to get meshed in the weeds
be in or bring into harmony:
[no object]:
her memory of events doesn’t mesh with the world around her
2 [with object] Computing represent a geometric object as a set of finite elements:
choosing the icon allows you to automatically mesh your design

in mesh

(of the teeth of gearwheels) engaged:
the pitch point is the point of contact between the pitch circles of two gears in mesh



late Middle English: probably from an unrecorded Old English word related to (and perhaps reinforced in Middle English by) Middle Dutch maesche, of Germanic origin