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Pronunciation of Mentioned: Learn how to pronounce Mentioned in English correctly

Learn how to say Mentioned correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mention:

verb (transitive)
to refer to or speak about briefly or incidentally
to acknowledge or honour
See not to mention something
a recognition or acknowledgment
a slight reference or allusion ⇒ he only got a mention in the article, the author makes no mention of that
the act of mentioning
(philosophy, logic, linguistics) the occurrence (of an expression) in such a context that it is itself referred to rather than performing its own linguistic function. In “Fido” names Fido, the word Fido is first mentioned and then used to refer to the dog Compare use (sense 18) See also formal mode
(mainly Australian & New Zealand) a preliminary hearing in a court of law
Derived Forms
ˈmentionable adjective
ˈmentioner noun
Word Origin
C14: via Old French from Latin mentiō a calling to mind, naming, from mēns mind