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Pronunciation of Mender: Learn how to pronounce Mender in English correctly

Learn how to say Mender correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mend:

[with object]
1repair (something that is broken or damaged):
workmen were mending faulty cabling
[no object] return to health; heal:
foot injuries can take months to mend
improve (an unpleasant situation):
quarrels could be mended by talking
2add fuel to (a fire):
he mended the fire and turned the meat on the greenwood racks
a repair in a material:
the mend was barely visible

mend (one’s) fences

make peace with a person:
is it too late to mend fences with your ex-wife?
mend one’s manners

act more politely:
from the fact that I wasn’t instantly told to mend my manners, I knew she felt guilty
mend one’s ways

improve one’s habits or behaviour:
she told Vincent to clear out of the house if he couldn’t mend his ways
on the mend

improving in health or condition; recovering:
the economy is on the mend
mend one’s pace

dated go faster; alter one’s pace to match a companion.




Middle English: shortening of amend