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Pronunciation of Mediums: Learn how to pronounce Mediums in English correctly

Learn how to say Mediums correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word medium:

midway between extremes; average ⇒ a medium size
(of a colour) reflecting or transmitting a moderate amount of light ⇒ a medium red
Compare light1 (sense 29), dark (sense 2)
(plural) -dia (-dɪə) -diums
an intermediate or middle state, degree, or condition; mean ⇒ the happy medium
an intervening substance or agency for transmitting or producing an effect; vehicle ⇒ air is a medium for sound
a means or agency for communicating or diffusing information, news, etc, to the public ⇒ television is a powerful medium
a person supposedly used as a spiritual intermediary between the dead and the living
the substance in which specimens of animals and plants are preserved or displayed
(biology) short for culture medium
the substance or surroundings in which an organism naturally lives or grows
the category of a work of art, as determined by its materials and methods of production ⇒ the medium of wood engraving
the materials used in a work of art
any solvent in which pigments are mixed and thinned
any one of various sizes of writing or printing paper, esp 181⁄2 by 231⁄2 inches or 171⁄2 by 22 inches (small medium)