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Pronunciation of Mediate: Learn how to pronounce Mediate in English correctly

Learn how to say Mediate correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mediate:

Pronunciation: /ˈmiːdɪeɪt/
1 [no object] intervene in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation:
Wilson attempted to mediate between the powers to end the war
[with object] intervene in (a dispute) to bring about an agreement:
set up a tribunal to arbitrate and mediate disputes
[with object] bring about (an agreement or solution) by intervening in a dispute:
efforts to mediate a peaceful resolution of the conflict
2 [with object] technical bring about (a result such as a physiological effect):
the right hemisphere plays an important role in mediating tactile perception of direction
be a means of conveying:
this important ministry of mediating the power of the word
form a link between:
structures which mediate gender divisions
Pronunciation: /ˈmiːdɪət/
connected indirectly through another person or thing; involving an intermediate agency:
public law institutions are a type of mediate state administration

Pronunciation: /-ətli/

late Middle English (as an adjective in the sense ‘interposed’): from late Latin mediatus ‘placed in the middle’, past participle of the verb mediare, from Latin medius ‘middle’