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Pronunciation of Meconium: Learn how to pronounce Meconium in English correctly

Learn how to say Meconium correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word meconium:

the dark green mucoid material that forms the first faeces of a newborn infant
opium or the juice from the opium poppy
Word Origin
C17: from New Latin, from Latin: poppy juice (used also of infant’s excrement because of similarity in colour), from Greek mēkōneion, from mēkōn poppy
Example Sentences Including ‘meconium’

If the meconium is in the lungs, the baby may need breathing support on a ventilator.
In the study, the meconium samples were frozen and sent to American co-researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit for analysis.
MISC (1999)
It was a normal birth, but his lungs were choked with meconium – a baby’s first faeces, which are sometimes passed during birth.