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Pronunciation of Meat Grinder: Learn how to pronounce Meat Grinder in English correctly

Learn how to say Meat Grinder correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word meat grinder:

(US) = mincer
Example Sentences Including ‘meat grinder’

But its ability to erode a player’s body through its 162-game meat grinder is unique.
MAXIM (2005)
For the others we stand on scales which either activate sounds (a distant male scream, female heavy-breathing) or a meat grinder.
I tried to grin and it felt like my face was in a meat grinder.
Anita Anderson SOMEBODY (2002)
Mum shrieked something about a meat grinder , and Angelica said, `But who will protect you, Tarra?
Anita Anderson SUMMER OF SECRETS (2003)
We’ve had no clue on method, so Mum could be thinking of something sinister or sadistic like heads in the meat grinder.
Anita Anderson SUMMER OF SECRETS (2003)