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Pronunciation of Mattered: Learn how to pronounce Mattered in English correctly

Learn how to say Mattered correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word matter:

that which makes up something, esp a physical object; material
substance that occupies space and has mass, as distinguished from substance that is mental, spiritual, etc
substance of a specified type ⇒ vegetable matter, reading matter
sometimes foll by of or for thing; affair; concern; question ⇒ a matter of taste, several matters to attend to, no laughing matter
a quantity or amount ⇒ a matter of a few pence
the content of written or verbal material as distinct from its style or form
(used with a negative) importance; consequence
(philosophy) (in the writings of Aristotle and the Scholastics) that which is itself formless but can receive form and become substance
(philosophy) (in the Cartesian tradition) one of two basic modes of existence, the other being mind: matter being extended in space as well as time
type set up, either standing or for use
copy to be set in type
a secretion or discharge, such as pus
something to be proved
statements or allegations to be considered by a court
See for that matter
See grey matter
See no matter
See the matter
verb (intransitive)
to be of consequence or importance
to form and discharge pus
Word Origin
C13 (n), C16 (vb): from Latin māteria cause, substance, esp wood, or a substance that produces something else; related to māter mother