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Pronunciation of Masters: Learn how to pronounce Masters in English correctly

Learn how to say Masters correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word master:

1chiefly historical a man who has people working for him, especially servants or slaves:
he acceded to his master’s wishes
a person who has complete control of something:
he was master of the situation
dated a male head of a household:
the master of the house
the male owner of a dog, horse, or other domesticated animal:
in many ways dogs reflect the styles of their masters
a machine or device directly controlling another:
[as modifier]:
a master cylinder
Compare with slave.
2a man in charge of an organization or group, in particular:
British a male schoolteacher:
the games master
the head of a college or school.
the presiding officer of a livery company or Masonic lodge.
the captain of a merchant ship.
the person in control of a pack of hounds:
the master of the Aylesbury Vale Hunt
(in England and Wales) an official of the Supreme Court.
3a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity:
I’m a master of disguise
a great artist or musician:
follow in the footsteps of the masters and paint in locations made famous by their work
a very strong chess player, especially one who has qualified for the title at international tournaments:
a chess master
See also grand master.
(Masters) [treated as singular] (in some sports) a class for competitors over the usual age for the highest level of competition.
4 [usually in titles] a person who holds a second or further degree:
a master’s degree
a Master of Arts
(master’s) a postgraduate degree:
I had a master’s in computer engineering
5used as a title prefixed to the name of a boy not old enough to be called ‘Mr’:
Master James Wishart
archaic a title for a man of high rank or learning.
the title of the heir apparent of a Scottish viscount or baron.
6an original film, recording, or document from which copies can be made:
[as modifier]:
the master tape
1having or showing very great skill or proficiency:
a master painter
denoting a person skilled in a particular trade and able to teach others:
a master bricklayer
2main; principal:
the master bedroom
[with object]
1acquire complete knowledge or skill in (a subject, technique, or art):
I never mastered Latin
2gain control of; overcome:
I managed to master my fears
3make a master copy of (a film or recording):
all records are now being mastered and manufactured for us in the Netherlands