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Pronunciation of Marshalled: Learn how to pronounce Marshalled in English correctly

Learn how to say Marshalled correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word marshal:

1an officer of the highest rank in the armed forces of some countries:
[as title]:
Marshal Tito
British historical a high-ranking officer of state.
2US a federal or municipal law-enforcement officer.
the head of a police department.
North American the head of a fire department.
3an official responsible for supervising sports events, and for controlling crowds in other public events:
ground marshals joined the referee and touch judges in trying to regain order
4(in the UK) an official accompanying a judge on circuit to act as secretary and personal assistant.
verb (marshals, marshalling, marshalled; US marshals, marshaling, marshaled)
[with object]
1assemble and arrange (a group of people, especially troops) in order:
the general marshalled his troops
bring together and arrange in order (facts, ideas, objects, etc.):
he paused for a moment, as if marshalling his thoughts
position (rolling stock) in the correct order.
direct the movement of (an aircraft) on the ground at an airport.
2 Heraldry combine (coats of arms) to indicate marriage, descent, or the bearing of office:
the quarters include those appearing on the Warwick Plate, but in addition there is marshalled that of Grey
Middle English (denoting a high-ranking officer of state): from Old French mareschal ‘farrier, commander’, from late Latin mariscalcus, from Germanic elements meaning ‘horse’ (compare with mare1) and ‘servant’