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Pronunciation of Marry: Learn how to pronounce Marry in English correctly

Learn how to say Marry correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word marry:

verb (marries, marrying, married)
[with object]
1join in marriage:
I was married in church
my sister got married to a Welshman
take (someone) as one’s wife or husband in marriage:
Eric asked me to marry him
[no object] enter into marriage:
they had no plans to marry
[no object] (marry into) become a member of (a family) by marriage:
both men married into my mother’s family
(of a parent or guardian) give (a son or daughter) in marriage, especially for reasons of expediency:
her parents married her to a wealthy landowner
2join together; combine harmoniously:
the show marries poetry with art
[no object] blend or combine with something:
most Chardonnays don’t marry well with salmon
Nautical splice (rope ends) together without increasing their girth.

be the marrying kind
[with negative] be the type of person who is likely or inclined to marry.
marry in haste, repent at leisure
proverb those who rush impetuously into marriage may spend a long time regretting doing so.
marry money
informal marry a rich person:
her mother’s sister had married money, it was said

Middle English: from Old French marier, from Latin maritare, from maritus, literally ‘married’, (as a noun) ‘husband’