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Pronunciation of Marker: Learn how to pronounce Marker in English correctly

Learn how to say Marker correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word marker:

1an object used to indicate a position, place, or route:
they erected a granite marker at the crash site
[in singular] a distinctive feature or characteristic indicative of a particular quality or condition:
identification with one’s own language has always been a marker of nationalism
a thing serving as a standard of comparison:
he has already laid down a marker by setting a fast time during practice
a radio beacon used to guide the pilot of an aircraft.
Genetics an allele used to identify a chromosome or to locate other genes on a genetic map.
2 (also marker pen) a felt-tip pen with a broad tip:
a heavy line drawn by a marker
3British (in team games) a player who stays close to an opponent to prevent them from getting or passing the ball:
Quinn took the ball wide of his marker
4British a person who assesses the standard of a test or examination:
the aim of the marker is to help the student do better next time
a person who records the score in snooker, billiards, or squash.
5North American informal a promissory note; an IOU:
we’ll give you a marker, you give us the car