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Pronunciation of Marginal: Learn how to pronounce Marginal in English correctly

Learn how to say Marginal correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word marginal:

1relating to or at the edge or margin:
marginal notes
relating to water adjacent to the land’s edge or coast:
water lilies and marginal aquatics
2minor and not important; not central:
it seems likely to make only a marginal difference
the cost is negligible, less than marginal
(of costs or benefits) relating to or resulting from small or unit changes:
the issue is to estimate the marginal benefit from the increased frequency of screening examinations against the marginal increased cost
(of taxation) relating to increases in income:
the marginal tax rates on these incomes rise to as much as 80 per cent in some republics
3(of a decision or distinction) very narrow; borderline:
a marginal offside decision
British (of a parliamentary or council seat) held by a small majority and therefore at risk in an election.
close to the limit of profitability, especially through difficulty of exploitation:
marginal farmland
1British a seat in a parliament or on a council that is held by a small majority and is at risk in an election:
she is defending a key marginal for the Tories
2a plant that grows in water close to the edge of land:
remove any dead foliage on water lilies and marginals