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Pronunciation of Many: Learn how to pronounce Many in English correctly

Learn how to say Many correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word many:

determiner , pronoun , & adjective (more /mɔː/, most /məʊst/)
a large number of:
[as determiner]:
many people agreed with her
[as pronoun]:
the solution to many of our problems
many think bungee jumping is a new craze
[as adjective]:
one of my many errors
(as plural noun the many)
the majority of people:
music for the many

as many

the same number of:
changing his mind for the third time in as many months
a good (or great) many

a large number:
a good many of us
have one too many

informal become slightly drunk.
many a ——

a large number of:
many a good man has been destroyed by booze
John and I have talked about it many a time
many’s the ——

used to indicate that something happens often:
many’s the time I’ve slept on her sofa

Old English manig, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch menig and German manch