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Pronunciation of Manufacturability: Learn how to pronounce Manufacturability in English correctly

Learn how to say Manufacturability correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word manufacture:

[with object]
1make (something) on a large scale using machinery:
firms who manufacture ball bearings
(as noun manufacturing)
even in manufacturing they no longer dominate
(of a living thing) produce (a substance) naturally:
most plants use the sun’s light to manufacture their food through photosynthesis
make or produce (something abstract) in a merely mechanical way:
(as adjective manufactured)
manufactured love songs
2invent (evidence or a story):
claims that the entire row had been manufactured by the press
[mass noun]
the making of articles on a large scale using machinery:
the manufacture of armoured vehicles
[with modifier] a specified branch of industry:
the porcelain manufacture for which France became justly renowned
(manufactures) manufactured articles:
exports and imports of manufactures
Pronunciation: /-tʃ(ə)rəˈbɪlɪti/

mid 16th century (as noun, denoting something made by hand): from French (re-formed by association with Latin manu factum ‘made by hand’), from Italian manifattura. The verb dates from the mid 17th century