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Pronunciation of Manifold: Learn how to pronounce Manifold in English correctly

Learn how to say Manifold correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word manifold:

of several different kinds; multiple ⇒ manifold reasons
having many different forms, features, or elements ⇒ manifold breeds of dog
something having many varied parts, forms, or features
a copy of a page, book, etc
a chamber or pipe with a number of inlets or outlets used to collect or distribute a fluid. In an internal-combustion engine the inlet manifold carries the vaporized fuel from the carburettor to the inlet ports and the exhaust manifold carries the exhaust gases away
a collection of objects or a set
a topological space having specific properties
(in the philosophy of Kant) the totality of the separate elements of sensation which are then organized by the active mind and conceptualized as a perception of an external object
(transitive) to duplicate (a page, book, etc)
to make manifold; multiply
Derived Forms
ˈmaniˌfolder noun
ˈmaniˌfoldly adverb
ˈmaniˌfoldness noun
Word Origin
Old English manigfeald. See many, -fold