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Pronunciation of Manifest: Learn how to pronounce Manifest in English correctly

Learn how to say Manifest correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word manifest:

easily noticed or perceived; obvious; plain
(psychoanalysis) of or relating to the ostensible elements of a dream ⇒ manifest content
Compare latent (sense 5)
(transitive) to show plainly; reveal or display ⇒ to manifest great emotion
(transitive) to prove beyond doubt
(intransitive) (of a disembodied spirit) to appear in visible form
(transitive) to list in a ship’s manifest
a customs document containing particulars of a ship, its cargo, and its destination
a list of cargo, passengers, etc, on an aeroplane
a list of railway trucks or their cargo
(mainly US & Canadian) a fast freight train carrying perishables
Derived Forms
ˈmaniˌfestable adjective
ˈmaniˌfestly adverb
ˈmaniˌfestness noun
Word Origin
C14: from Latin manifestus plain, literally: struck with the hand, from manū with the hand + -festus struck