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Pronunciation of Mandated: Learn how to pronounce Mandated in English correctly

Learn how to say Mandated correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mandate:

an authoritative order or command, esp. a written one
a commission from the League of Nations to a country to administer some region, colony, etc. see also trusteeship (sense 2)
the area so administered see also trust territory
the wishes of constituents expressed to a representative, legislature, etc., as through an election and regarded as an order
an order from a higher court or official to a lower one: a mandate on remission is a mandate from an appellate court to the lower court, communicating its decision in a case appealed
in English law, a bailment of personal property with no consideration
in Roman law, a commission or contract by which a person undertakes to do something for another, without recompense but with indemnity against loss
any contract of agency