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Pronunciation of Mandarins: Learn how to pronounce Mandarins in English correctly

Learn how to say Mandarins correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mandarin:

in the Chinese empire, a member of any of the nine ranks of high officials, each rank distinguished by a characteristic jeweled button worn on the cap
a member of any elite group; leading intellectual, political figure, etc., sometimes one who is pompous, arbitrary, etc.
([M-]) the most widely spoken language of China, comprising a northern, an eastern, and a southwestern variety
a small, sweet orange with loose rind (in full ) mandarin orange
the orange tree (Citrus reticulata) on which it grows
a deep-orange color
designating or of a Chinese style of dress, esp. a narrow, closefitting, stand-up collar parted in the front
characterized by a highly formal, self-conscious, and subtle use of language