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Pronunciation of Malaya: Learn how to pronounce Malaya in English correctly

Learn how to say Malaya correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Malaya:

Malay Peninsula
Federation offormer federation of states on the S end of the Malay Peninsula formerly a British colony, it became independent & a member of the Commonwealth (1957); since 1963 a territory of Malaysia called Peninsular Malaysia see also Malaysianoun:proper_name
Example Sentences Including ‘Malaya’

The combination of the hat and his clothes-white shirt with twin pockets, khakis-gave him the distinctive air of a rubber baron in Malaya.
Gregg Andrew Hurwitz MINUTES TO BURN (2001)
The story… came from a friend whose parents had been lost in Malaya when it was overrun by the Japanese in 1942,” says Morgan.
The Chinese in colonial Malaya often began as unskilled laborers on the rubber plantations or in the tin mines.
Sowell, Thomas RACE AND CULTURE: A WORLD VIEW (1994)