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Pronunciation of Maladaptive: Learn how to pronounce Maladaptive in English correctly

Learn how to say Maladaptive correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word maladaptive:

unsuitably adapted or adapting poorly to (a situation, purpose, etc)
not encouraging adaptation
Derived Forms
ˌmalaˈdapted adjective
ˌmalaˈdaptively adverb
Example Sentences Including ‘maladaptive’

A standard therapy would include measures of pain and maladaptive behaviour such as guarding and activity avoidance.
SPIKED (2004)
But the physiological phenomena persist and are now maladaptive to a life of safety and security.
Herman, Judith Lewis TRAUMA AND RECOVERY
Gollum displays pervasive maladaptive behaviour that has been present since childhood with a persistent disease course.