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Pronunciation of Make Up: Learn how to pronounce Make Up in English correctly

Learn how to say Make Up correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word make-up:

cosmetics, such as powder, lipstick, etc, applied to the face to improve its appearance
the cosmetics, false hair, etc, used by an actor to highlight his features or adapt his appearance
the art or result of applying such cosmetics
the manner of arrangement of the parts or qualities of someone or something
the arrangement of type matter and illustrations on a page or in a book
mental or physical constitution
make up (adverb)
(transitive) to form or constitute ⇒ these arguments make up the case for the defence
(transitive) to devise, construct, or compose, sometimes with the intent to deceive ⇒ to make up a song, to make up an excuse
(transitive) to supply what is lacking or deficient in; complete ⇒ these extra people will make up our total
(transitive) to put in order, arrange, or prepare ⇒ to make up a bed
(intransitive) foll by for to compensate or atone (for) ⇒ his kindness now makes up for his rudeness yesterday
to settle (differences) amicably (often in the phrase make it up)
to apply cosmetics to (the face) to enhance one’s appearance or so as to alter the appearance for a theatrical role
to assemble (type and illustrations) into (columns or pages)
(transitive) to surface (a road) with asphalt, concrete, etc
to set in order and balance (accounts)
to draw up (accounting statements)
See make up one’s mind
See make up to