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Pronunciation of Make: Learn how to pronounce Make in English correctly

Learn how to say Make correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word make:

Word forms: makes, making, made
(mainly transitive)
to bring into being by shaping, changing, or combining materials, ideas, etc; form or fashion; create ⇒ to make a chair from bits of wood, make a poem
to draw up, establish, or form ⇒ to make a decision, make one’s will
to cause to exist, bring about, or produce ⇒ don’t make a noise
to cause, compel, or induce ⇒ please make him go away
to appoint or assign, as to a rank or position ⇒ they made him chairman
to constitute ⇒ one swallow doesn’t make a summer
(also intransitive) to come or cause to come into a specified state or condition ⇒ to make merry, make someone happy
(copula) to be or become through development ⇒ he will make a good teacher
to cause or ensure the success of ⇒ your news has made my day
to amount to ⇒ twelve inches make a foot
to be part of or a member of ⇒ did she make one of the party?
to serve as or be suitable for ⇒ that piece of cloth will make a coat
to prepare or put into a fit condition for use ⇒ to make a bed
to be the essential element in or part of ⇒ charm makes a good salesman
to carry out, effect, or do ⇒ to make a gesture
(intransitive; followed by to, as if to, or as though to) to act with the intention or with a show of doing something ⇒ they made to go out, he made as if to hit her
to use for a specified purpose ⇒ I will make this town my base
to deliver or pronounce ⇒ to make a speech
to judge, reckon, or give one’s own opinion or information as to ⇒ what time do you make it?
to cause to seem or represent as being ⇒ that furniture makes the room look dark
to earn, acquire, or win for oneself ⇒ to make friends, make a fortune
to engage in ⇒ make love not war
to traverse or cover (distance) by travelling ⇒ we can make a hundred miles by nightfall
to arrive in time for ⇒ he didn’t make the first act of the play
to win a trick with (a specified card)
to shuffle (the cards)
(bridge) to fulfil (a contract) by winning the necessary number of tricks
(cricket) to score (runs)
(electronics) to close (a circuit) permitting a flow of current Compare break (sense 44)
(intransitive) to increase in depth ⇒ the water in the hold was making a foot a minute
(intransitive) (of hay) to dry and mature
(informal) to gain a place or position on or in ⇒ to make the headlines, make the first team
(informal) to achieve the rank of
(slang) to seduce