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Pronunciation of Majored: Learn how to pronounce Majored in English correctly

Learn how to say Majored correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word major:

(military) an officer immediately junior to a lieutenant colonel
a person who is superior in a group or class
a large or important company ⇒ the oil majors
(often preceded by the) (music) a major key, chord, mode, or scale
(US & Canadian & Australian & New Zealand)
the principal field of study of a student at a university, etc ⇒ his major is sociology
a student who is studying a particular subject as his principal field ⇒ a sociology major
a person who has reached the age of legal majority
(logic) a major term or premise
a principal or important record company, film company, etc
See the majors
larger in extent, number, etc ⇒ the major part
of greater importance or priority
very serious or significant ⇒ a major disaster
main, chief, or principal
of, involving, or making up a majority
(of a scale or mode) having notes separated by the interval of a whole tone, except for the third and fourth degrees, and seventh and eighth degrees, which are separated by a semitone
relating to or employing notes from the major scale ⇒ a major key
(postpositive) denoting a specified key or scale as being major ⇒ C major
denoting a chord or triad having a major third above the root
(in jazz) denoting a major chord with a major seventh added above the root
(logic) constituting the major term or major premise of a syllogism
(mainly US & Canadian & Australian & New Zealand) of or relating to a student’s principal field of study at a university, etc
(British) the elder: used after a schoolboy’s surname if he has one or more younger brothers in the same school ⇒ Price major
of full legal age
(postpositive) (bell-ringing) of, relating to, or denoting a method rung on eight bells
(intransitive) usually foll by in (US & Canadian & Australian & New Zealand) to do one’s principal study (in a particular subject) ⇒ to major in English literature
(intransitive) usually foll by on to take or deal with as the main area of interest ⇒ the book majors on the peasant dishes
Derived Forms
ˈmajorship noun
Word Origin
C15 (adj): from Latin, comparative of magnus great; C17 (n, in military sense): from French, short for sergeant major