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Pronunciation of Mail: Learn how to pronounce Mail in English correctly

Learn how to say Mail correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mail:

[mass noun]
letters and parcels sent by post:
I did not receive any mail
(North American & West Indian also the mails) the postal system:
you can order by mail
[in singular] a single delivery or collection of mail:
I had a notice in by this morning’s mail
you’ve got mail
[count noun] dated a vehicle, such as a train, carrying mail.
[count noun] archaic a bag of letters to be sent by post.
[in names] used in titles of newspapers:
the Daily Mail
[with object]
send (a letter or parcel) by post:
three editions were mailed to our members
send (someone) email:
his site is OK and I can even mail him direct


Middle English (in the sense ‘travelling bag’): from Old French male ‘wallet’, of West Germanic origin. The notion ‘by post’ dates from the mid 17th century