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Pronunciation of Mahayana: Learn how to pronounce Mahayana in English correctly

Learn how to say Mahayana correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Mahayana:

a major movement or school in Buddhism: it emphasizes acts of virtue and compassion rather than asceticism and contemplation

Word Origin
Sans mahāyāna, lit., greater vehicle

Example Sentences Including ‘Mahayana’

I suppose you could call me a Mahayana Buddhist, if you need a label.
Wilcox, James SORT OF RICH (1990)
The Mahayana had their own, dismissive slang for Theravada; in the past, they have called it Hinayana, the “lesser vehicle.
Inwardly, there is no measure (or better, no such thing as winning); but outwardly (in terms of numbers), the answer is Mahayana.
Huston Smith THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS (1986)