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Pronunciation of Lots: Learn how to pronounce Lots in English correctly

Learn how to say Lots correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word lot:

(a lot or lots) informal
a large number or amount; a great deal:
there are a lot of actors in the cast
they took a lot of abuse
a lot can happen in eight months
we had lots of fun
(the lot or the whole lot) the whole number or quantity that is involved or implied:
you might as well take the whole lot
(a lot or lots) informal
a great deal; much:
he played tennis a lot last year
thanks a lot
1 [treated as singular or plural] informal a particular group or set of people or things:
it’s just one lot of rich people stealing from another
he will need a second lot of tills to handle the second currency
[with adjective] chiefly British a group of a specified kind (used in a derogatory or dismissive way):
an inefficient lot, our Council
2an item or set of items for sale at an auction:
nineteen lots failed to sell
3 [mass noun] the making of a decision by random selection, especially by a method involving the choice of one from a number of pieces of folded paper, one of which has a concealed mark:
officers were elected rather than selected by lot
[in singular] the choice resulting from deciding something by lot:
eventually the lot fell on the King’s daughter
4 [in singular] a person’s luck, situation, or destiny in life:
schemes to improve the lot of the disadvantaged
5chiefly North American a plot of land assigned for sale or for a particular use:
a vacant lot
short for parking lot.
an area of land near a film studio where outside filming may be done.
the area at a car dealership where cars for sale are kept.
verb (lots, lotting, lotted)
[with object]
divide (items) into lots for sale at an auction:
the contents have already been lotted up, and the auction takes place on Monday