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Pronunciation of Loose: Learn how to pronounce Loose in English correctly

Learn how to say Loose correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word loose:

1not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached:
a loose tooth
the lorry’s trailer came loose
not held or tied together or contained within something:
wear your hair loose
pockets bulging with loose change
(of a person or animal) not tied up or shut in:
the bull was loose with cattle in the field
the tethered horses broke loose
(of the ball in a game) in play but not in any player’s possession.
2(of a garment) not fitting tightly or closely:
she slipped into a loose T-shirt
3not close, compact, or solid in structure or formation:
the fabric’s loose weave
loose soil
not rigidly organized:
a loose federation of political groups
(of play, especially in rugby) with the players not close together.
4relaxed; physically slack:
she swung into her easy, loose stride
not strict or exact:
a loose interpretation
careless and indiscreet in what is said:
there is too much loose talk about the situation
(of play in cricket) inaccurate or careless:
Lucas punished some loose bowling severely
5 dated promiscuous:
a loose woman
6(of faeces) containing excessive liquid:
loose bowel movements
(the loose) Rugby
loose play:
he was in powerful form in the loose
[with object]
1set free; release:
the hounds have been loosed
make (something) loose; untie or undo:
the ropes were loosed
relax (one’s grip):
he loosed his grip suddenly
2 (usually loose off) fire (a bullet, arrow, etc.):
he loosed off a shot at the vehicle