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Pronunciation of Limes: Learn how to pronounce Limes in English correctly

Learn how to say Limes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word lime:

1 (also quicklime) [mass noun] a white caustic alkaline substance consisting of calcium oxide, which is obtained by heating limestone and which combines with water with the production of much heat.
(also slaked lime) a white alkaline substance consisting of calcium hydroxide, made by adding water to quicklime and used in traditional building methods to make plaster, mortar, and limewash.
(in general use) any of a number of calcium compounds, especially calcium hydroxide, used as an additive to soil or water.
2 archaic birdlime.
[with object]
1treat (soil or water) with lime to reduce acidity and improve fertility or oxygen levels:
they were liming acidified lakes
(often as adjective limed) give (wood) a bleached appearance by treating it with lime:
limed oak dining furniture
2 archaic catch (a bird) with birdlime:
the bird that hath been limed in a bush

adjective (limier, limiest)

Old English līm, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lijm, German Leim, also to loam