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Pronunciation of Lightest: Learn how to pronounce Lightest in English correctly

Learn how to say Lightest correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word light:

1of little weight; not heavy:
light alloy wheels
you’re as light as a feather
deficient in weight, especially by a specified amount:
the sack of potatoes is 5 kilos light
carrying or suitable for small loads:
light commercial vehicles
carrying only light armaments:
light infantry
(of a vehicle, ship, or aircraft) travelling unladen or with less than a full load.
(of soil) friable, porous, and workable.
(of an isotope) having not more than the usual mass; (of a compound) containing such an isotope.
2not strongly or heavily built or made:
light, impractical clothes
light armour
3relatively low in density, amount, or intensity:
passenger traffic was light
light autumn rains
(of food or a meal) small in quantity and easy to digest:
a light supper
(of a foodstuff) low in fat, cholesterol, sugar, or other rich ingredients:
stick to a light diet
(of drink) not strongly alcoholic or heavy on the stomach:
a light Hungarian wine
(of pastry or cake) fluffy or well aerated during cooking:
it was delicious, the pastry light and flaky
4gentle or delicate:
she planted a light kiss on his cheek
my breathing was steady and light
(of type) having thin strokes; not bold:
times shown in light type denote connecting services
5(of entertainment) requiring little mental effort; not profound or serious:
pop is thought of as light entertainment
some light reading
not solemn or unhappy; cheerful:
I left the island with a light heart
easily borne or done:
he received a light sentence
some light housework
6(of sleep or a sleeper) easily disturbed:
I’m a light sleeper
her sleep was light and fitful
7 archaic (of a woman) promiscuous.

be light on
be rather short of:
we’re light on fuel
be light on one’s feet
(of a person) be quick or nimble:
she may be plump but she is very light on her feet
a light touch
the ability to deal with something tactfully or in an understated way:
a novel which handles its tricky subject with a light touch
make light of
treat as unimportant:
I didn’t mean to make light of your problems
make light work of
accomplish (a task) quickly and easily:
make light work of cooking with the help of this electronic food processor
travel light
travel with a minimum load or minimum luggage:
she’s one of those backpackers who likes to travel light