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Pronunciation of Lies: Learn how to pronounce Lies in English correctly

Learn how to say Lies correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word lie:

verb (lies, lying /ˈlʌɪɪŋ/; past lay /leɪ/; past participle lain /leɪn/)
[no object, with adverbial]
1(of a person or animal) be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface:
the body lay face downwards on the grass
I had to lie down because I was groggy
Lily lay back on the pillows and watched him
(of a thing) rest flat on a surface:
a book lay open on the table
(of a dead person) be buried in a particular place:
his body lies in a crypt
his epitaph reads ‘Here lies Garcia, King of Galicia and Portugal’
2be, remain, or be kept in a specified state:
the abbey lies in ruins today
putting homeless families into private houses that would otherwise lie empty
(of something abstract) reside or be found:
the solution lies in a return to traditional values
3(of a place) be situated in a specified position or direction:
Kexby lies about five miles due east of York
(of a scene) extend from the observer’s viewpoint in a specified direction:
stand here, and all of Amsterdam lies before you
British (of a competitor or team) be in a specified position during a competition or within a group:
United are currently lying in fifth place
4 Law (of an action, charge, or claim) be admissible or sustainable:
an action for restitution would lie for money paid in breach of the law