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Pronunciation of Licentiateships: Learn how to pronounce Licentiateships in English correctly

Learn how to say Licentiateships correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word licentiate:

1the holder of a certificate of competence to practise a particular profession:
licentiates in ‘Aerial Survey Photography and Photogrammetry’
[as modifier]:
a licentiate member
(in certain universities, especially abroad) a degree between that of bachelor and master or doctor:
he took the Durham University licentiate in theology
the holder of a licentiate degree:
he was a licentiate in law of Hanoi University
2a licensed preacher not yet having an appointment, especially in a Presbyterian Church.
late 15th century: from medieval Latin, noun use of licentiatus ‘having freedom’, based on licentia ‘freedom’