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Pronunciation of Licences: Learn how to pronounce Licences in English correctly

Learn how to say Licences correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word licence:

1a permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade (especially in alcoholic drink):
a gun licence
[as modifier]:
a television licence fee
[mass noun] formal or official permission to do something:
a subsidiary company manufactured cranes under licence from a Norwegian firm
2 [mass noun] freedom to behave as one wishes, especially in a way which results in excessive or unacceptable behaviour:
the government was criticized for giving the army too much licence
a writer’s or artist’s freedom to deviate from fact, or from conventions such as grammar, for effect:
artistic licence
(a licence to do something) a reason or excuse to do something unacceptable:
police say that the lenient sentence is a licence to assault
licence to print money
a very lucrative commercial activity, regarded as requiring little effort:
people see music publishing as a licence to print money
late Middle English: via Old French from Latin licentia ‘freedom, licentiousness’ (in medieval Latin ‘authority, permission’), from licere ‘be lawful or permitted’