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Pronunciation of Levering: Learn how to pronounce Levering in English correctly

Learn how to say Levering correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word lever:

a rigid bar resting on a pivot, used to move a heavy or firmly fixed load with one end when pressure is applied to the other:
a tyre lever
a projecting arm or handle that is moved to operate a mechanism:
a control lever
a means of pressurizing someone into doing something:
rich countries use foreign aid as a lever to promote political pluralism
[with object and adverbial]
lift or move with a lever:
she levered the lid off the pot with a screwdriver
move (someone or something) with a concerted physical effort:
she levered herself up against the pillows
[no object] use a lever:
the men levered at the coffin with crowbars
pressurize (someone) to do something:
another sticking point is the money that will be required to lever the unions into accepting a deal
Middle English: from Old French levier, leveor, from lever ‘to lift’