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Pronunciation of Letterbox: Learn how to pronounce Letterbox in English correctly

Learn how to say Letterbox correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word letter box:

1British a box attached to an outside wall, or a slot in the door of a building, into which mail is delivered:
she wrote a hasty reply and posted it through his letter box
2 (letterbox) [mass noun, usually as modifier] a format for presenting widescreen films on a standard television screen, in which the image is displayed in approximately its original proportions across the middle of the screen, leaving horizontal black bands above and below:
this uncut version is presented in letterbox format
(letterbox) [with object] record (a widescreen film) on to video in letterbox format:
(as adjective letterboxed)
the film has been released in a digitally remastered and letterboxed edition