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Pronunciation of Lesson: Learn how to pronounce Lesson in English correctly

Learn how to say Lesson correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word lesson:

1a period of learning or teaching:
an advanced lesson in maths
a driving lesson
a thing learned or to be learned by a pupil:
he had a facility for languages and had learned his lessons well
a thing learned by experience:
lessons should have been learned from two similar collisions
an experience or event that serves as a warning or encouragement:
let that be a lesson to you!
2a passage from the Bible read aloud during a church service, especially either of two readings at morning and evening prayer in the Anglican Church:
he went up to read the first lesson
[with object] archaic
instruct or teach (someone):
[with object and clause]:
Metaneone had beforehand lessoned him what he should say
rebuke (someone):
Oedipus has been lessoned to humility before the throne of Zeus