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Pronunciation of Lepers: Learn how to pronounce Lepers in English correctly

Learn how to say Lepers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word leper:

a person suffering from leprosy.
a person who is shunned or rejected by others for moral or social reasons:
the story made her out to be a social leper

late Middle English: probably from an attributive use of leper ‘leprosy’, from Old French lepre, via Latin from Greek lepra, feminine of lepros ‘scaly’, from lepos, lepis ‘scale’

Since the mid 20th century the word leper has increasingly been avoided because of the negative connotations of the sense ‘person who is avoided or rejected by others’. Today it is preferable to use expressions such as person with leprosy or person with Hansen’s disease (another name for leprosy).