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Pronunciation of Leopards: Learn how to pronounce Leopards in English correctly

Learn how to say Leopards correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word leopard:

a large solitary cat that has a fawn or brown coat with black spots, native to the forests of Africa and southern Asia. Also called panther.
Panthera pardus, family Felidae. See also black panther
Heraldry the leopard as a heraldic device.
Heraldry a lion passant guardant as in the arms of England.
[as modifier] spotted like a leopard:
a leopard-print outfit

a leopard can’t change his spots
proverb people can’t change their basic nature:
they saw him as an opportunist who was capable of changing his spots at any moment

Middle English: via Old French from late Latin leopardus, from late Greek leopardos, from le┼Źn ‘lion’ + pardos (see pard)