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Pronunciation of Least: Learn how to pronounce Least in English correctly

Learn how to say Least correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word least:

determiner & pronoun
(usually the least)
smallest in amount, extent, or significance:
[as determiner]:
who has the least money?
he never had the least idea what to do about it
[as pronoun]:
how others see me is the least of my worries
it’s the least I can do
to the smallest extent or degree:
my best routine was the one I had practised the least
turning up when he was least expected
only the least expensive lot sold
I never hid the truth, least of all from you
used in names of very small animals and plants, e.g. least shrew.
at least
1not less than; at the minimum:
clean the windows at least once a week
2if nothing else (used to add a positive comment about a generally negative situation):
the options aren’t complete, but at least they’re a start
3anyway (used to modify something just stated):
they seldom complained—officially at least
at the least (or very least)
1(used after amounts) not less than; at the minimum:
stay ten days at the least
2taking the most pessimistic or unfavourable view:
a programme which is, at the very least, excellent PR for the hospital
least said, soonest mended
proverb a difficult situation will be resolved more quickly if there is no more discussion of it.
not in the least
not in the smallest degree; not at all:
he was not in the least taken aback
not least
in particular; notably:
there is a great deal at stake, not least in relation to the environment
to say the least (of it)
used as an understatement (implying the reality is more extreme, usually worse):
his performance was disappointing to say the least
Old English lǣst, lǣsest, of Germanic origin; related to less