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Pronunciation of Latinizing: Learn how to pronounce Latinizing in English correctly

Learn how to say Latinizing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Latin:

1 [mass noun] the language of ancient Rome and its empire, widely used historically as a language of scholarship and administration.
2a native or inhabitant of a country whose language developed from Latin, especially a Latin American.
historical an inhabitant of ancient Latium.
3 [mass noun] music of a kind originating in Latin America, characterized by dance rhythms and extensive use of indigenous percussion instruments:
eclectic jazz through Latin into soulful grooves
1relating to Latin:
Latin poetry
relating to the countries using languages, such as French and Spanish, that developed from Latin:
Mexico and other Latin countries
relating to the Western or Roman Catholic Church (as historically using Latin for its rites):
the Latin patriarch of Antioch
historical relating to ancient Latium.
2relating to or characteristic of Latin American music:
snapping his fingers to a Latin beat




from Latin Latinus ‘of Latium’ (see Latium)