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Pronunciation of Lag: Learn how to pronounce Lag in English correctly

Learn how to say Lag correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word lag:

verb (lags, lagging, lagged)
[no object]
1fail to keep up with another or others in movement or development:
they waited for Tim who was lagging behind
2 Billiards, North Americananother term for string (sense 6 of the verb).
1 (also time lag) a period of time between one event and another:
a time lag between infection and symptoms
2 Physics a retardation in an electric current or movement.


early 16th century (as a noun in the sense ‘hindmost person in a game, race, etc.’, also ‘dregs’): related to the dialect adjective lag (perhaps from a fanciful distortion of last1, or of Scandinavian origin: compare with Norwegian dialect lagga ‘go slowly’)