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Pronunciation of Kick: Learn how to pronounce Kick in English correctly

Learn how to say Kick correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word kick:

1 [with object and adverbial] strike or propel forcibly with the foot:
police kicked down the door
[with object and complement]:
he kicked the door open
[no object] strike out with the foot or feet:
she kicked out at him
[with object]:
he kicked his feet free of a vine
(chiefly in rugby) score (a goal) by a kick:
Wray kicked 11 points
2 [with object] informal succeed in giving up (a habit or addiction):
I made a New Year resolution to kick the habit
she was trying to kick heroin
3 [no object] (of a gun) recoil when fired:
their guns kick so hard that they have developed a bad case of flinching
1a blow or forceful thrust with the foot:
a kick in the head
(in sport) an instance of striking the ball with the foot:
Scott’s kick went wide of the goal
British (chiefly in rugby) a player of specified kicking ability.
2 [in singular] a sudden forceful jolt:
the shuttle accelerated with a kick
the recoil of a gun when discharged.
Billiards & Snooker an irregular movement of the ball caused by dust:
he suffered a kick on the pink in frame four
3 informal the sharp stimulant effect of alcohol or a drug:
strong stuff, this brew: he felt the kick
a thrill of pleasurable, often reckless excitement:
rich kids turning to crime just for kicks
I get such a kick out of driving a racing car
[with modifier] a temporary interest in a particular thing:
the jogging kick
4 (kicks) informal, chiefly US soft sports shoes; trainers:
a pair of basketball kicks