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Pronunciation of Keep In Touch: Learn how to pronounce Keep In Touch in English correctly

Learn how to say Keep In Touch correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word touch:

[with object]
1come into or be in contact with:
he leaned back so that only two legs of his chair touched the floor
bring one’s hand or another part of one’s body into contact with:
he touched a strand of her hair
Andrew touched him on the shoulder
come or bring into mutual contact:
[no object]:
for a moment their fingers touched
[with object]:
we touched wheels and nearly came off the road
[with object and adverbial of direction] strike (a ball) lightly in a specified direction:
he touched back a cross-field ball
Geometry be tangent to (a curve or surface) at a certain point.
2handle in order to interfere with, alter, or otherwise affect:
I didn’t play her records or touch any of her stuff
cause harm to (someone):
I’ve got friends who’ll pull strings—nobody will dare touch me
[usually with negative] consume or use (food, drink, money, etc.):
the pint by his right hand was hardly touched
in three years I haven’t touched a cent of the money
3affect or concern:
a tenth of state companies have been touched by privatization
[with negative] have any dealings with:
he was good only for the jobs that nobody else would touch
(of a quality or expression) be or become visible or apparent in:
the voice was touched by hysteria
a wry smile touched his lips
4produce feelings of affection, gratitude, or sympathy in:
she was touched by her friend’s loyalty
5 informal reach (a specified level or amount):
sales touched twenty grand last year
[usually with negative] be comparable to in quality or excellence:
there’s no one who can touch him at lightweight judo
6 (touch someone for) informal ask someone for (money or some other commodity) as a loan or gift:
he touched me for his fare
7 (touch something in) chiefly Art lightly mark in features or other details with a brush or pencil.
1an act of touching someone or something:
her touch on his shoulder was hesitant
[mass noun]:
expressions of love through words and touch
[in singular]:
manipulate images on the screen at the touch of a key
[mass noun] the faculty of perception through physical contact, especially with the fingers:
reading by touch
[mass noun] a musician’s manner of playing keys or strings.
[mass noun] the manner in which a musical instrument’s keys or strings respond to being played:
Viennese instruments with their too delicate touch
a light stroke with a pen, pencil, etc..
2a small amount; a trace:
add a touch of vinegar
he retired to bed with a touch of flu
a small distinctive detail or feature:
the film’s most inventive touch
3 [in singular] a distinctive manner or method of dealing with something:
later he showed a surer political touch
an ability to deal with something successfully:
getting caught looks so incompetent, as though we’re losing our touch
4 [in singular] Rugby & Soccer the area beyond the sidelines, out of play:
his clearance went directly into touch
the idea was kicked firmly into touch by the authorities
5 [in singular] informal, dated an act of asking for and getting a loan or gift from someone:
I only tolerated him because he was good for a touch now and then
6 Bell-ringing a series of changes shorter than a peal.
7 [in singular] archaic a thing that tests the worth or character of something:
you must put your fate to the touch